Teeth Whitening

A lot of people don’t like showing their teeth when smiling. Because their teeth are stained and discolored, they think they should keep them hidden and either smile with no teeth or completely avoid smiling altogether. The embarrassment caused by teeth staining and discoloration negatively impacts not only their self-confidence but also their social relationships.
We at Park Dental NYC want to help. When it comes to teeth whitening in NYC, our professional teeth whitening treatment is top-notch. We use the ZOOM!® whitening system to effectively remove almost all types of stains. More powerful than over-the-counter products, we can deliver impressive results after a single session- not after one week or two weeks like many of the teeth whitening products you see on TV or online.

Our teeth whitening technique can whiten up to 6 shades in just a span of an hour and give you a beautiful, sparkling smile that you will want to show the world.

Everyone knows how important it is to book a regular teeth cleaning with a dentist, but at Park Dental NYC we go beyond routine dental care to offer you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. We provide instant teeth whitening using the ZOOM!® whitening system to ensure you see results right away. The ZOOM!® method is shown to remove most stains and whiten teeth up to 6 shades in just one session. Over the counter teeth bleaching treatments are often a messy and disappointing way to achieve teeth whitening. Dentist-led whitening services ensure that you get noticeable results in a clean, comfortable environment that puts your oral health first. Park Dental NYC is proud to offer some of the best teeth whitening NYC has to offer. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and embarrassing discoloration and see results after just one session. Contact us today for an appointment and get on your way to a stunning smile. 




Q: There are so many over-the-counter teeth whitening products available these days. Why should I go to a dentist for teeth whitening NYC? 

A: Commercially available products take too much time. The teeth whitening NYC dentists like Park Dental offer can significantly whiten your teeth in just one session. 

Q: What is the difference between going to a top-rated teeth whitening NYC dentist and doing it  at home? 

A: At home products are often time-consuming, less effective and more expensive in the long run. A teeth whitening NYC dentist like Park Dental offers a much more effective whitening treatment than you can get at home.