General & Restorative


Leaving a cavity untreated is bad for your oral health. It can cause pain and discomfort and can also impact your teeth aesthetic and smile. To not make matters worse, teeth restoration must be done right away.

For mild to moderate tooth decay, a dental filling is the answer. It is done by removing the decayed part of a tooth and then filling the space with dental amalgam to restore tooth structure and appearance. It is also used to repair broken, cracked, or worn down teeth due to tooth grinding or nail-biting.


In cases where decay has done more severe damage that fillings cannot fix, inlays/onlays are teeth restoration options that can be of help. Dental inlays are made of lab-fabricated, pre-molded, tooth-colored materials such as gold, zirconia, and porcelain that are fitted into the tooth to fill the space left behind after removing the decayed portion. Dental outlays, on the other hand, are essentially made of the same materials but extend to and are fitted over the biting surface of a tooth.


Missing teeth can negatively affect various aspects of your life. They can make you hesitant about smiling, cause difficulties when eating, and prevent you from speaking clearly. Dentures, whether full or partial, can be greatly beneficial for restoring your self-confidence, boosting your tooth function, and improving your smile and overall quality of life.

Cavities, tooth decay, bone loss and breakages are an inevitability for many people. While prevention is key, tooth restoration is equally important for teeth that have already started to break down or decay. Forgoing restorative procedures can lead to pain and discomfort, problems eating and speaking, and further damage to surrounding teeth and tissue. Park Dental NYC offers dental restorations for teeth affected by cavities and decay, as well as for broken, cracked and worn down teeth. Our teeth restoration services include general amalgam fillings for mild repairs to porcelain, gold and zirconia inlays and onlays for more severe tooth damage. For front teeth restoration we offer several solutions including dental bonding and full or partial veneers. We also offer reconstructive restoration for missing teeth including full and partial dentures and dental implants. Invest in your smile and contact us today for an appointment with our board-certified dental team. 


Q: What does it mean when a dentist says a patient is in need of teeth restoration? What procedures does that term cover? 
A: Park Dental defines teeth restoration as any procedure that restores tooth structure and appearance. This includes but isn’t limited to fillings, inlays, and dentures. 
Q: Cosmetic dentistry is often about making choices for your mouth’s outward appearance. Some might say it is even voluntary. Is teeth restoration considered cosmetic dentistry?
A: Park Dental NYC treats our patients according to their needs and in most cases, teeth restoration is very necessary and therefore not considered cosmetic dentistry.