Dental Implants

Missing teeth can give you trouble when eating and speaking, and have negative consequences on your overall oral health. That is why dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw and can secure a crown, denture, or bridge. By replacing the entire tooth from root to crown, you can enjoy incredibly durable and natural-looking results. Our board-certified oral surgeon uses advanced technology and techniques to safely place and restore dental implants.

Once an implant is placed, it stimulates the jaw bone just like natural teeth and halts the bone recession that results from tooth loss. This will help you function as reliably as your natural teeth, helping you chew and speak without worrying about your restoration slipping out of place.

Once the implant post has fused with the jaw bone about four to six months later, you will return to our office to receive your final restoration.

If you are looking for a place to get dental implants in NYC, Park Dental NYC can help. With the expertise of our dental professionals, we can fix the dental problems that make living your life more challenging than it should be. Our dental implants work and look very much like natural teeth. They will boost your confidence every time you smile and give you maximum chewing power so you can enjoy your food worry free. Our implants also protect against gum disease and bone loss, prevent premature aging and facial sagging, and improve tooth stability. We offer only the best cosmetic dental procedures and dental implants in NYC.

People often forgo replacing a missing tooth because they worry about the dental implant cost, however dental implants are more than just a cosmetic fix. In addition to restoring your smile and assisting with eating and talking, dental implant surgery also minimizes bone loss in the jaw and surrounding teeth, protecting the rest of your teeth for years to come. Unlike dentures or fillings, which can require frequent replacements and repairs, implants fuse with your jaw and will last for decades with proper care.
If you’ve been searching “dental implants near me,” then it’s likely you already know that the benefits of a dental implant procedure outweigh the initial investment. Park Dental NYC prides itself on being one of the top providers of dental implants NYC has to offer. Contact us today for an appointment with our board-certified oral surgeon to discuss your dental implant options. 


Q: My missing tooth is making me feel self-conscious. I’ve heard implants can help. When is it worth exploring dental implants? 

A: Dental implants are used to secure crowns or even a whole denture to your jaw. They are recommended for people who want to permanently fix missing teeth. 

Q: Dental implants seem like a great solution for my dental issues. How do they work and how long will it take for them to heal? 

A: Dental implants help by stimulating your jawbone just like a natural tooth. When you get dental implants with Park Dental, the whole process should take approximately six months.