5 Doctors That Every Family Needs

13 May

Many people do not like making doctor’s appointments. While that’s understandable, that’s hardly the best way to ensure tip-top health. Regular checkups help uncover health problems and are key to disease prevention and control. 

Each member of your family will probably have to see different types of doctors at various points in their lives. Each has its own specialty and is a valuable member of the family’s “team” of doctors. Here are some of them:


Pediatricians specialize in the physical, behavioral, and mental care of babies, children and adolescents. As a parent, you will visit the pediatrician at many different stages of your child’s life. They are a critical part of the early detection of speech, learning, and motor disabilities. They also vaccinate children against various diseases and can provide tips on navigating different behavioral and developmental milestones. 

Family Medical Doctor 

A family doctor is the jack-of-all-trades of physicians. Unlike other professionals who specialize in a particular field, a family doctor is trained to treat common ailments in all age groups. Over the years, you and your family members should get regular checkups from your family doctor. They are qualified to look for symptoms of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases. They can also give suggestions on how to prevent diseases and administer adult vaccines such as the flu shot. 


Regardless of age, a regular visit to the dentist is imperative. You can bring babies as young as six months see the dentist, and beyond that it should be a bi-annual habit for as long as you live. If you don’t have any family dentist yet, you can just search “dentist near me,” to find a reputable local office. If you need more than regular teeth cleaning or general dentistry, you will also need an orthodontist. For example, you may want to improve your smile by getting braces or Invisalign. Searching for a dentist or an orthodontist in your own locality is as easy as typing in “dentist near me” or “Invisalign doctor near me” to find someone who can work with your whole family. While not all dentists are orthodontists, all orthodontists are dentists, so you can search “Invisalign doctor near me” to find a dentist that offers general dental procedures like extractions and cleanings as well as cosmetic orthodontics.


While a pediatrician and family doctor can provide basic reproductive and sexual health checks, specialists may be better suited to those who have preexisting conditions or who require regular visits. 

In addition to advising adolescents about hormonal changes, they can also detect diseases such as PCOS, cervical cancer, testicular cancer and STIs. 


These days, children as young as one are being prescribed corrective lenses to help with vision problems. An ophthalmologist can diagnose eye diseases and possibly spot the earliest signs of vision problems. Even if you have perfect vision, people should have regular checkups with an ophthalmologist after 40. If you’re experiencing any issues before then, be sure to make an appointment. There are several eye-related conditions and problems to consider, so it’s vital to be proactive and vigilant.

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